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Enon Church is located in Columbia South Carolina.
Intersection of I-77 and Highway 12 (Percival Rd.) Address is 2215 Percival Rd. Columbia SC, 29223. Phone (803)466-4213.  Also visit Bigpreacherman.com
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Come and Worship the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS, Jesus Christ!!

Introducing Enon's Satellite Church in Plano Texas! You can visit their website at www.dailybreadbibleministry.com

It is my greatest honor to Pastor three congregations; Camden Southern Methodist, Enon and Enon Satellite Churches! They are located in Camden SC, Columbia SC and Plano Tx. Take a look around and if you have any questions or comments, please post in the guestbook! Thanks for stopping and may the Blessings of Christ Jesus be upon you!
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Sunday mornings at 10:30 am (central time) 11:30 am (eastern time)

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Tuesday the Study of Psalms                                at 8:30 pm (central time) 9:30 pm (eastern time)
Thursday the study of Romans                                     at 8:30 pm   (central time) 9:30 pm (eastern time)

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Poem by Lisa Patterson!

Five Fundamentals of the Christian Faith

1). Virgin birth of Christ - The sin nature is passed through the male, so Christ was born of a virgin, impregnated by the Holy Spirit. He therefore is not under the curse of the sin nature.
2). Deity of Christ - Because Christ Jesus was not born into the sin nature, but from the Holy Spirit, He is Divine. 100% God and 100% human. All the fullness of the Godhead and all the weaknesses of mankind. Because He is God’s Son, Jesus is without sin.
3). Crucifixion of Christ Jesus - God is Holy and requires sinless holy sacrifices to atone for mans sins. Because Jesus is both without sin and is by His Incarnation Divine, He alone satisfies the requirement of the Holy Sacrifice. Without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sin. He paid the penalty for our sin on the Cross.
4). Resurrection of Christ - Jesus died on the Cross paying our sin debt, on the third day He Rose from the dead. By Jesus Resurrection Salvation is complete, and the believer has total victory over the penalty of sin, fear of death, and guarantee of Eternal Life!! The Resurrection calls believers to always repent or turn from our sins and look for our future Resurrection.
5). Second Coming of Christ - Jesus did all the Work necessary for the Salvation of mankind. All the Glory that is in Christ belongs to believers. When He comes in the near future all the riches that is in Christ will be inherited by those who have repented and Trust solely in His Death, burial, and Resurrection. Eternal bliss is guaranteed. His Second coming spurs believers to witness to the lost concerning all five of these fundamentals. We have but a short time. When He comes it is too late to Repent and believe.
Great Day I have Good News!  Gospel means good news.  Here it is; everyone is a sinner and deserves Hell, but God sent His Son Jesus to the Cross to pay our sin debt in full.  Then He Rose His Son from the dead to seal the deal for Eternal Life. Here is the part that many reject; in order for the Gospel to save you from Hell the sinner must turn away from sin and trust in the work of Jesus.  Have you ever heard of better news than that?  What a deal!  Ask Jesus to save you, He will you know? 
Here’s a prayer for those who need help 

Jesus I am a sinner, I am turning away from my sin and trusting in your blood shed on the Cross and I believe you were Raised from the dead. Thank you for saving me from what I deserve.  Fill me with you Spirit.  Amen